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Happy 22nd Birthday Aleks! (September 1 1992) 

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inspired by this post

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I am not dead. →


And I hope I won’t be for a while :P. Anyways I’m sure many of you are wondering why I completely dropped off the face of the internet for a bit and what happened.

For this I will need to go back over a year ago and the many changes that happened in my life. I met the girl I absolutely love and…


Throwback Thursday: Go Seamus


"Whatcha doin’?"

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wrinklynewt said: lol, (don't quote me on this but) i think the reason seamus "looks so blond" in that gifset is because they wore blond wigs for the rock band stream, i'm pretty sure he still had it on


nah i think thats 100% natural mane I mean

look at that hair flip

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I decided to make Seamus laughing in the newest Creature Faction video an audio file because in the many years that I’ve been subbed to Seamus, I have never heard him laugh that hard in a while, and it’s fucking adorable, and I’m sure other fans of The Creatures thought it was too.

(Picture is not mine, cred to the artist)

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You think The Creatures are attractive? Have you SEEN their girlfriends?

Oh my lord. Attractive ladies everywhere

Who is dating who^ ?

First- Dominika she’s dating Aleks

Second- Ashh she’s dating Seamus

Third- Ali she’s dating Nick/Spoon

Fourth- Swoot/Jenna she’s dating Kevin (who isn’t a creature but Idc)

Fifth- Liz she’s dating Dan

Sixth- Monica she’s married to Hordan

Bless your soul 

No problem



"Someone commented saying that I dye my hair as much as Ramona from Scott Pilgrim, which I do"

Those roots in the first gif are killing me hahaha. The blue hair was pretty cool though :3

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Sarcasm with Seamus: Thirsty &Dirty Dan

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Nala cat <3


Nala cat <3

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actual angel seamus o’doherty

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